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In cooperation with an international network of financing partners we provide a versatile portfolio of financing instruments tailored to your needs.

Scope comprises both movable and immovable properties, whereby refinancing as well as development and investment financing is covered. Lenders consist of reputable int'l banks, insurers, building societies, venture capitalists and investment companies as well as high net worth individuals and other appropriate entities.
Financing instruments include all common types of loans, lease forms, direct and indirect holdings, appropriate equivalent value provisions of funds and hybrid variants of these.

Examples for financing coverage comprises in particular but not exclusively the following application fields:
>> Project finance - f.e. diversificaton and/or expansion
>> Corporate finance - f.e. strategic investment and acquisitions, M & A
>> Creation of business premises, company buildings etc.
>> Real Estate development projects - f.e. Shopping Malls, Office Buildings, Logistic Centers etc.
>> Acquisition of luxury private and holiday homes
>> Aircraft and Yachts for commercial or private use

In the context of each project we pay particular attention to the related tax aspwects.

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