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National and international subsisides, grants and incentives can be an important monetary factor for the success of a project. On one hand countries provide different funding programs on the national level and graded according to various characteristics like f.e. industry sector, regional aspects and employment conditions.

Most companies refrain from making use of such possibilities, mainly because of the following reasons
>> the relevant funding programs and project suitability are simply not known at all; or
>> the monetary benefits that can be achieved are underestimated; or
>> the required effort for application and settlement of such a sponsorship is overestimated

Along with purely national grants EU co-financing projects, such as the elements of the EU framework programmes, you can benefit from grants of up to 50% of your total project costs! Make use of these possibilities and let our experts evaluate how you can benefit in concrete, this includes
>> Comprehensive analysis of your investment plans and selection of the optimal national and int'l funding programs
>> Preparation and submission of grant applications before the competent authorities
>> Supportive project management and documentation
>> Continuous accounting to the funding sources and preperation of a final report

Tap into this funding pot today and make your projects even more profitable.

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