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We have a special focus on optimized IT-systems. If you need to set-up an IT system or optimze it - make use of our experts. As IT specialist we have profound know-how and experience with various IT solutions and systems covering a versatile mix of business fields and industries. You may focus on your core business, let us provide you in a best-practise approach with the optimal system support in the background.

Some of the most important areas of IT consulting we cover comprise the following:
Auditing Provision of external auditing expertise for annual reports, due diligences, evaluatins and other requirements.
Optimization Process assesment and optimization studies according to the Capability Maturity Model (CMM).
Certification Taking your IT on to ISO-level. Condution of certification and recurrent audits.
Security & Protection IT data is among your most important assets - let us help you defining and ensuring the right protection mechanismns.

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