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Your Corporate Base in Europe.

When setting-up your business in Europe it is crucial to chose the right market entry strategy, act utmost cost efficient and minimise all risks.

The European EXPANSION Hub in AUSTRIA ("EEH") occupies a strategic key position right in the heart of Europe between the western & eastern spheres and has gained a long tradition as reputable business location. This goes back to the times after WWII & the Cold War area, when already large international companies settled-down here for the Eurpean Market.
And this trend became even further important during the last decades when Eastern European markets were opened. Since that time more and more global player expanding also to Eastern Europe are based in Austria.

Central Location, Enterprise-friendly Environment, and First-class Infrastructure with excellent conditions in the areas of Quality of Life, Culture and Entertainment make Autria the prfect place for the European EXPANSION Hub.

Key benefits comprise of:
>> Austria as Full member of the European Union, Schengen Area and Euro-Region
>> All major European Cities in 1-2 hours distance (f.e. London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Zurich, Moscow, Warsaw, Oslo)
>> Vienna as City with the highest living quality in the EU and worldwide (before Zurich and Vancouver)
>> Special Business Region Vienna, Austria & Bratislava, Slovakia as unique area with two capitals within 60 km
>> Highly trained & skilled personnel in sufficient numbers and at competitive costs
>> Fully-developed Infrastructure with multi-modal logistic hub (Air, Road, Train, Sea, local & public transport)
>> Various number of applicable national and EU-subsidies (f.e. startup, project granting, expansion)

If you plan to expand into European markets, benefit from our know-how, experience and an existing partner network.
>> BE SMART and GO Europe EXPANSION Hub.
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