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Our experience will be your advantage.

You concentrate on your core competence, your products & services and building client relations.
Having accompanied many international corporations our experts back you up and provide of all administrative and supporting functions in a customiezed and scalable approach as and when required, including:

Market Entry Strategy
Together with your business experts, we plan you expansion in detail and anticipate all potential risks. We will advise you in identifying best-practise approaches, that have been proven successful and ensure avoiding potential hazards by incorporating "leassons-learnt" of unsuccessful expansion attempts in the past.
>> Result is a detailed Expansion Road Map with Tasks, Timeline, Milestones and Resources.
Taxation Framework
Company Foundation
We advise you on the right legal entity suiting your business needs and future plans taking into account all relevant legal, administrative and tax considerations. Our experts can overtake the entire foundation process for and in close cooperation with you including corporate contracts, applications, notary services and company registration before the competent authorities.
>> You may start as sales representation, as a single-person entity, a partnership or a corporation - we choose the right entity for your market scope and type of business.
Registered Office
Showroom/Service Center
You can start immediately with a virtual office providing you an address, phone number and email and launch your marketing & sales activities. Or you establish yourself in our modern business center, where you have additional access to first-class office and meeting facilities as well as communication infrastructure, admin personnel and outsourcing resources.
>> Note, that with your legal entity in the EU you are also entitled to buy property and all other intagible assets. When you plan for your own premises as office, showroom/customer service center, warehouse or any kind of industrial production, we will assist you in finding the right location and facilities tailored to your needs, see our Real Estate Services here.
We advise you on the most economical way to scale up the premises according to your needs.
Marketing & Sales
Engineers, Technicians
When starting your expansion you can benefit from local sales personnel and you can also utilize other operative or administrative professionals as required. We advise you on the optimal contract form for such emplyoment, f.e. full/part time labor contract, freelancing, service contract or other modern collaboration forms and we support your recruitment with a pool of highly-qualified and experienced specialists.
>> Human Energy - Our strength for your benefit.
24 official EU languages
International translation
There are 24 official languages, 5 semi-official languages and 39 minority languages in EU. According to your products, services and target group(s) you may require translations for your marketing documents, client brochures, manuals as well as other internal & external documents. We overtake all translation services on a project or continuous basis for you, providing exactly the language specialists for your business and terminology.
>> Many languages, one voice for your business.
BANKING WORLD The EU provides a versatile banking sector with more than 8.060 Credit Institutions (ECB, 2012). We honor the importance of solid finance by accompanying your expansion from the beginning with the right banking partners to ensure smooth and cost erficient handling of your business. This includes all current accounts in different currencies and access to payment systems for operational business conduction. If required we also further advise you on banks specialized on production and trading facilities, revenue optimization/factoring, liquidity management, investments and many other areas of modern banking & finance industry.
EUR [ˈjʊərəʊ] - one single, strong European currency.
Business Opportunities
Let us introduce you to other companies active in your business or players you may want to get in touch with for potential synergies or partnering. Over the time we have established a huge network, an unique pool of successful Entrepreneur, providing you with information, synergy potential and additional business opportunities.
>> Business and friends for life.
Tax Advisory
You concentrate on your business, we take care of your administration overheads with Accounting, Bookkeeeping, Financial Statements, Tax Advisory and any legal support in a scalable approach according to your needs. You can outsource the entire services or we can arrange dedicated personnel for your needs on a part or full time basis.
>> The right national & international experts at your fingertipp.
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