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In nowaday's global business companies are able to cover remote markets with their product & service portfolio. For successful international market players this opens, for the first time, the chance to also directly tap the interesting European Market, the world's largest economy.

The European Union is characterized as a "single market in which free meovement of goods, services, capital and persons is ensured and where you are free to live and do do business across different countries". Europe benefits from a harmonized legal, statutory and commercial framework, making it easy for you to establish a business in one place and then serve the entire market from this location or spread out further satellites.

You are free to scale your expansion based on your company background and target markets, industries and clients. You can start a Representation Unit first, waving your flag and starting marketing and sales. You can set-up a branch of your existing company or establish a separate legal entity - all possible to your need and, of course, with 100% full ownership structure possible , no local shareholder and managers legally required.

In Europe you find highly professional workers in sufficient numbers and at competitive costs. In several new EU member states like Romania and Bulgaria the wages are still far lower than in Western Europe, making them available even as production and investment locations in EU. (f.e. average index basket of 15 professions gross/net: India 1.9/1.6, Bulgaria 2.6/3.5 - ie net wages in Bulgaria "only" 62,5% above India).

There is also a various number of national and EU-subsidies supporting the establishment of business in EU (f.e. startup, project granting, expansion). Group taxation allows you to share risks and taxable income among your world-wide group companies in order to avoid excessive taxation in EU.

In addition to business opportunities you find Europe as an excellent place for living and leisure. Vienna, Z├╝rich, Paris and others are always ranked highest for living quality world-wide. Enjoy the versatile countryside from Algarve to Cote d'Azur and Italian Riviera. A business in Europe enables you for free travel in Schengen and allows you to buy and own real estate and other assets, sustainable long term investments.
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