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We are proud to provide business consulting services for a broad range of companies, business fields and markets. The scope comprises company and projects dimensions of every size and complexity, local and multi-national ones. Special focus is given to the following service groups:

Startup Companies We provide a full business framework to young entrepreneurs in order to help them focusing on their business idea.
Expansion Management We advise and assist growing companies in every aspect of their expansion to compete successful as international player.
Management Services Strengthening your management level for certain tasks in a temprorarily respectively train-the-trainer approach.
Business Development Diversify into new products and services or open up new customer groups - our experts will strengthen your back.
Human Ressources External support for specific personnel management matters including recruitment and hiring staff.
Merger & Acquisition Entire process support from deal preparation to selection of suitable business partners, due diligence, evluations, negotiation assistance and transaction settlement.

Other related rannacher.com services:
>> Purchase and lease of business premises
>> Project and company financing
>> Office IT infrastructure and services

Services together with our premium partners:
>> Bookkeeping and accounting Services
>> Tax advisory and representation
>> Legal advisory and representation
>> Notary and fiduciary services
>> Interpretation and translation services

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