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New in business? This might be one of your best decisions in life!

To be successful it is crucial to focus on your business idea and rapidly undertake the necessary steps for its commercial exploitation. Your USP differentiates you from the rest of the world. For everything else it is the right decision to make use of existing solutions and services. After all, you don't want to waste time by reinventing the wheel, but rather make money.

Primary services:
>> Consulting for and conduction of incorporation (appropriate form of society, standard founding articles and contracts)
>> Development of an appropriate marketing and roll-out strategy, brand development
>> Personalization with qualified professionals of every skill and level
>> Provision of initial business equipment (incl. logo, visits, corporate design, document templates)
>> Provision of office facilities tailored to your requirements (f.e. company address, office space, infrastructure)
>> Provision of office services (f.e. reception, secretary, telephone and fax service, handling post)
>> Handling of all formal requirements like bookkeeping, communication with relevant authorities

Value-added services:
>> Provision of additional funds (f.e. venture capitalists, business angels, investment companies, network of banks)
>> Use of an established partner network (f.e. sales partner, suppliers, marketing and promotion agencies)
>> Provision of management capacities for particular tasks or for limit time (f.e. head of sales - set-up of a sales department)
>> Definition of a suitable partner concept and identifictaion/contacting of required partners
>> Advice on the use of national and international subsidies
>> Legal and tax advisory

We provide a full business framework to young entrepreneurs in order to help them focusing on their business idea.
THINK SMART - and let us contribute to your success!

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