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ABOUT USAbout us our strategy and vision fundamental objectives
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GO! Europe
   Market SummaryOverview about the European Market with key facts and demand structure.
   Central Business HubAutria as a central Business Hub in the heart of Europe.
   Expansion ServicesSummary of our comprehesive support services for your expansion plans.
   Success StoriesRead about success stories in the past.
Business ConsultancyOverview about our business consultancy services
   StartupsWe provide a full business framework to young entrepreneurs in order to help them focusing on their business idea.
   ExpansionWe advise and assist growing companies in every aspect of their expansion to compete successful as international player.
   ManagementStrengthening your management level for certain tasks in a temprorarily respectively train-the-trainer approach.
   Business DevelopmentDiversify into new products and services or open up new customer groups - our experts will strengthen your back.
   Human ResourcesExternal support for specific personnel management matters including recruitment and hiring staff.
   Merger & AcquisitionEntire process support from deal preparation to selection of suitable business partners, due diligence, evluations, negotiation assistance and transaction settlement.
Real Estate ServicesOverview of our versatile real estate services
   Shopping MallsWe develop, lease and exploit first-class Shopping & Entertainment projects at major hotspots
   Office SpaceOffice space by rannacher.com is highly functional and meets highest international standards at major hotspots worldwide.
   Logistic CentersOur transport & logistic division is engaged in the development, lease and exploitation of logistic hubs at major traffic junctions worldwide.
   Agriculture EconomyProvision of agricultural land and forestry at different sizes and locations.
   Resdential ProjectsWhatevery your individual motives are, we provide first class luxury homes at top locations around all the major cities and the well-established hot-spots.
   S.M.A.R.T. SpacePremium Living & Business Solutions.
Financial ServicesIn-depth financial consultancy and advisory
   International FinancingProvision of a versatile pool of financing types and lenders to your specific needs.
   Investment ServicesDo not be afraid of sudden crisis anymore - we ensure optimum gain long term.
   Asset ManagementIncrease return and lower risk of your asset distribtion and sleep well at the same time.
   Insurance ServicesThink responsibly and let us help you reduce your risks.
   Subsidies AdvisoryIn-depth advisory regarding applicable national and international (f.e. EU) subsidies.
IT & InfrastructureWe use best-practise technologies to optimize your business processes and workflows
   Office SolutionsBenefit from optimizing your working envirmonemt - you will enjoy highest quality and be much more efficient.
   AutomatizationWorkflow, process and service automatization, where applicable, ensures both - increase of service quality and cost saving.
   IT ConsultingYou may focus on your core business, let us provide you in a best-practise approach with the optimal system support in the background.
   IT SolutionsWorld leading (industry-)standard software packages and individual software solutions tailored to your needs.
   IT SystemsAs system reseller we cover a wide product range comprising new purchase or adoption of existing systems.
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