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To open up a new market is exciting but challenging. Our experts support you in every aspect to make this challenge lead to success.

Primary services:
>> Planning and preparation for market entry (f.e. demand, market structure and competitors studies)
>> Planning for multi-national corporation structure (type of society, standard articles and contracts)
>> Development of an appropriate market entry strategy, marketing and roll-out strategy
>> Personalization with qualified professionals of every skill and level
>> Provision of initial business equipment (incl. logo, visits, corporate design, document templates)
>> Provision of office facilities tailored to your requirements (f.e. address, office space, infrastructure)
>> Provision of office services (f.e. reception, secretary, telephone and fax service, handling post)
>> Handling of all formal requirements like bookkeeping, communication with relevant authorities etc.

Value-added services:
>> Provision of additional funds (f.e. venture capitalists, investment companies, network of banks)
>> Use of an established partner network (f.e. sales partner, suppliers, marketing and promotion agencies)
>> Provision of management capacities for particular tasks or for limit time (f.e. established sales manager)
>> Definition of a suitable partner concept and identifictaion/contacting of required partners
>> Advice on the use of national and international subsidies
>> Legal and tax advisory

Your SUCCESS is OUT GOAL - we try harder!

SPECIAL FOCUS >> Eastern Expansion
Our team has extensive experience in assisting companies expanding into CEE/SEE markets. Examples are real estate development - including shopping centers, office space and logistic hubs, but also settlement of production facilities and warehouses.
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As the European market is among the most important ones worldwide, more and more companies f.e. from China,Russia or India are approaching these lucrative target area. Austria has a long reputable tradition as business hub in Europa. The last two decades assisting companies during their expansion into CEE/SEE nowadays it services as gateway for companies opening up and developing markets in Europe.
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