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Investments in IT equipment are money-intensive and the same time the underlying technology is constantly changing, characterized by periodical increase of computing and storage power with a steady decline in price.
The more important it is to take the right investment decisions to guarantee short amortization of your investment.

As system reseller we cover a wide product range comprising new purchase or adoption of existing systems, whereby we offer you the following support categories in order to your investment project:
Full service approach We define the set-up & conduction of the entire investment project according to your requirements. Includes suggestions of vendors and products, cost-benefit analysis and financing considerations. After your investment decision we attend the supply process with delivery, testing and putting into operation.
Controlling approach You already defined your investment project and selected your vendors/products. We provide you with an impartial, second opinion as external and attend the whole supply process until go live.

Let our experts offer you a detailled plan.

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